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MONDAY, June 8th, 2020

IN ATTENDANCE: Chair Lyle Peterson, Vice Chair Steve Smith, Supervisor Arvid Jenkins, Treasurer Deb Nelson, Clerk Jennifer Jenkins, Deputy Clerk Brad Brown.



RESIDENT INPUT: David Badger from Xerus street states two of his neighbors need 911 signs. Chair Lyle Peterson states he has order some and it will be approximately a month before he gets them.

AGENDA: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to approve the agenda. Supervisor Steve Smith made a 2nd. All in favor, motion carried.

MINUTES: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to approve the June Meeting Minutes with one correction, which Supervisor Steve Smith 2nds. All in favor, Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS: Driveway permit and 911 sign ordinance. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins reads from an email from Holly Nelson from Isanti County Highway Department they require 300 feet spacing between driveways; which she states are on their County roads. Discussion commenced. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion to approve the ordinance minus the requirement of 300 feet spacing between driveways. Chair Lyle Peterson 2nds. Motion carried with Supervisor Steve Smith opposing.

NEW BUSINESS: Xerus and 277th flooding: David Badger and Jeff Robarge speak on this topic. Chair Lyle Peterson speaks on how he has tried to clean out the culvert. Chair Lyle Peterson reads from an email from Todd Kulaf, Isanti County Soil and Water regarding this issue.
Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion for Chair Lyle to consult with Todd Kulaf, Isanti County Soil and Water, on Xerus to inspect and consult on what can be done. Supervisor Steve Smith 2nds the motion. All in favor, motion carried.


FIRE BOARD UPDATE: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins reports on Princeton Fire Board Meeting saying that Atty Bob Ruppe advised me not to sign the Bonding for the Fire Truck. Blue Hill Township under advice from Atty Couri concurred. Princeton had 179 calls ytd, 21 medical calls. The Fire Grant is on hold due to Covid-19.
Isanti Fire Board is stacking up their supplies of PPE. The budget includes 2 new command vehicles. Budget will be affected by taxes not paid in a timely manner, due to the pandemic employment disruption.

ROAD AND BRIDGE: Chair Lyle Peterson reports that he and John Koller installed new blades for the grader. Chair Lyle Peterson said that carbide blades, although more expensive, last many times longer. Signs, speed limit and slow children, were installed at Blue Lake as requested by resident Kris Erickson. Rum River Contracting looked at 305th and Sherburne 38, but someone had already filled the pot holes. A tree fell down across a township road was removed. A question rose about the gravel bid bonding check, discussion ensued with a motion by Supervisor Arvid Jenkins for Chair Lyle Peterson to call Bjorklund’s and advise them that the town board will cash the check within a week or so. Seconded by Supervisor Steve Smith. All in favor. Motion carried.

CLERK REPORT: Clerk Jennifer Jenkins advised that online classes for election judge training will begin in July, due to Covid-19. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins and Chair Lyle Peterson signed the Spencer Brook Township Harassment Policy.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Deb Nelson reports claims and balances and Gopher Bounty. Supervisor Steve Smith makes a motion to approve the claims and accept the Treasurer’s report, which Supervisor Arvid Jenkins 2nds. All in favor, motion carried.


ADJOURNMENT: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to adjourn which was 2nd by Chair Lyle Peterson. All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:33pm.