MONDAY, July 8th, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE: Chair Lyle Peterson, Vice Chair Steve Smith, Supervisor Arvid Jenkins, Treasurer Deb Nelson, Clerk Jennifer Jenkins, Deputy Clerk Brad Brown.




AGENDA: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to approve the agenda with one addition, Wheelage Tax, under New Business. Supervisor Steve Smith made a 2nd. All in favor, motion carried.

MINUTES: Supervisor Steve Smith made a motion to approve the June Meeting Minutes with one correction, which Supervisor Arvid Jenkins 2nds. All in favor, Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS: Supervisor Steve Smith asks Treasurer Deb Nelson about 1099 business form regarding gopher feet; Treasurer Deb Nelson responds she has not looked it up yet.

NEW BUSINESS: Supervisor Steve Smith began discussion on possible increase in Isanti County Wheelage Tax for $10.00 per license tabs to $20.00. Discussion ensued with all Supervisors agreeing to gain more information and possibly revisit this subject at a later date.

PLANNING COMMISSION: At Isanti County Zoning; on Tiger St., a resident is building a covered porch with less than the desired set back from the road and lake. Supervisors discussed and agreed that there would be no problem.

FIRE BOARD UPDATE: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins reports on Princeton Fire Board Meeting was cancelled. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins called Steve Jackson, administration for the city of Princeton, requesting an itemized bill prior to payment consideration. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins said that Isanti Fire has had 76 calls so for the month of June. They are working with the Auditor on the year end 2018 financials, who is very pleased with the results. Last month Spencer Brook had 3 calls, all medical. Elsewhere Isanti Fire responded to 2 fires, 1 grass, 1 dumpster. Isanti fire personnel are working on the upcoming rodeo.

ROAD AND BRIDGE: Chair Lyle Peterson reports that the month went fast, he has done driveway permits and mail boxes. He plans to change signs and fill potholes. There was a flat tire on the grader that was fixed today. Talk with the Township MAT lawyer a little bit about the turnaround on Dolphin and County Road 5 at the legal seminar. He met with Rum River Contracting regarding 289th and Variolite Street, where the stumps were taken out; two lifts would be $30,000.00, and 3 lifts will be $36,000.00. Supervisor Steve Smith suggests to mill the edges. Chair Lyle Peterson asks is there any reason not to go with this quote, Supervisor Steve Smith states no because asphalt will just go up. Chair Lyle Peterson went to Rum River to get a ballpark bid on 321st. Rum River reported that for 2- and one-half inches of asphalt would run approximately $130,000.00. Supervisor Lyle Peterson would get in touch with Erickson Asphalt request bids on 321st and 289th and Varolite Street. Supervisor Steve Smith also commented on diesel odor inside the garage and was wondering if winter salt residue was cleaned off the floor.

CLERK REPORT: Clerk Jennifer Jenkins said that mail received this month included a request from a Nursing Home ad to be placed on the Spencer Brook website, this was rejected by all Township Supervisors. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins said that she would like Deputy Clerk Brad Brown to be in attendance at the Thursday July 25th, 2019 County Township Board Meeting and to take notes and report back, since she will not be there.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Deb Nelson said that the checkbook balanced and that she would void the Princeton Fire Board check, and reissue another one when the matter is resolved. Treasurer Deb Nelson reports she renewed the 2 CDs. Treasurer Deb Nelson reports claims and balances. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion to approve the claims and accept the Treasurer’s report, which Supervisor Steve Smith 2nds. All in favor, motion carried.

Isanti County Commissioner Greg Anderson gives an update from Isanti County.

ADJOURNMENT: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to adjourn which was 2nd by Supervisor Steve Smith. All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:21pm.