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MONDAY, June 10th, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE: Chair Lyle Peterson, Vice Chair Steve Smith, Supervisor Arvid Jenkins, Treasurer Deb Nelson, Clerk Jennifer Jenkins, Deputy Clerk Brad Brown.




AGENDA: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to approve the agenda with on addition. Supervisor Steve Smith made a 2nd. All in favor, motion carried.

MINUTES: Supervisor Steve Smith made a motion to approve the May Meeting Minutes with one correction, which Supervisor Arvid Jenkins 2nds. All in favor, Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS: Supervisor Steve Smith asks Treasurer Deb Nelson about 1099 business form regarding gopher feet; Treasurer Deb Nelson responds she has not looked it up yet.

NEW BUSINESS: Supervisor Lyle Peterson brought up Howard Hinnekamp’s suggestion of changing Township Election Day to November. Discussion ensued with all supervisors agreeing to leaving it as is.


FIRE BOARD UPDATE: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins reports on Princeton Fire Capital Replacement Fund, handing out paperwork and explaining how he came up with his numbers. Supervisor Steve Smith questions how Supervisor Arvid Jenkins got his numbers. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins replies that the 1 million dollars requested is not set in stone, he also mentioned that Wyanette Township gave notice that it would be looking to Dalbo Fire Board for coverage for its whole Township. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins said that Spencer Brook’s final cost we don’t know yet. Supervisor Steve Smith asked about the ladder truck. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins said that the ladder truck was a tax increase for one year. Spencer Brook, last month, had 1 run from Princeton Fire and zero from Isanti Fire. June 1st Isanti Fire went in with East Bethel and St. Francis for live burn training in Stanford Township. Isanti Fire had one tech quit, second tech choice was called and took the job.


ROAD AND BRIDGE: Chair Lyle Peterson reports a call came in from Tony Henien from Isanti County, in 2019 they are planning to redo County Road 5 and would we consider vacating County Road 5 extension, the minimum maintenance road and the North end of Dolphin, they would put in a turn around for us. Supervisor Steve Smith states he would require a 120 foot cul de sac, and they may stick a culvert in there, which could make the water go west. It could also cause a problem with the water on the road. Supervisor Steve Smith thinks they should pay all the expenses of vacating those roads. Chair Lyle Peterson will call back to get the grade level, it would be a big turn around. Supervisor Steve Smith will take a trip to Cambridge to talk to them.

Supervisor Steve Smith reports he talked to the Engineer they are taking a long time getting the numbers for the asphalt, we plan to open bids at next month meeting. Chair Lyle Peterson makes a motion to publish 297 pavement bids, and open bids at 7:15pm at the July 9th, 2018 regular Board Meeting, which was 2nd by Supervisor Arvid Jenkins. All in favor, motion carried.

Supervisor Steve Smith states our Lawyer Ruppe was talking to Mary Sommers, and talked to her daughter, has not heard anything back but presumes they are talking to their lawyer. Grader Operator/snowplow driver Dale Selin quit; we may need to find a new snowplow driver. Someone tried to steal the guardrail on 297th. Supervisor Steve Smith picked up junk on Tiger and Dolphin Street, and put patch on the sinkholes west of the Mystic, only half of it was done, ran out of time. Supervisor Steve Smith wants having a website, or newsletter addressed. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins will look into it.

CLERK REPORT: Clerk Jennifer Jenkins goes over received emails, states the check we received for $1842.72 was from the unemployment fund and states she cannot find the accountant contract. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins explains the miscalculation on the Dave Baker gopher feet. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins concludes by displaying and explaining the new elections ballot box.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Deb Nelson asks for a motion to transfer the $200,000.00 from the CD to the checking account. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion to make the transfer of the CD to the checking account, which Supervisor Steve Smith 2nds. All in favor, motion carried. Treasurer Deb Nelson reports claims and balances. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion to approve the claims and accept the treasurer’s report, which Supervisor Steve Smith 2nds. All in favor, motion carried.


ADJOURNMENT: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to adjourn which was 2nd by Chair Lyle Peterson. All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.