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MONDAY March 12th, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE: Chair Lyle Peterson, Supervisor Steve Smith, Supervisor Arvid Jenkins, Treasurer Deb Nelson, Clerk Jennifer Jenkins and Deputy Clerk Lisa Lynas



RESIDENT INPUT: Elisah states thanks for all your hard work. Dennis Kowalik mentions a resident that pushes snow from his driveway across the road and has left it in the middle of the road, Treasurer Deb Nelson states there is a resident like that on Xenon as well. Supervisor Steve Smith states the resident on 285th and Zuni has been talked to once before about that. Mona Bergquist thanks the Board for the blacktop on 297th.

AGENDA: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to approve the agenda with one addition under fire. Supervisor Steve Smith made a 2nd. All in favor, motion carried.

MINUTES: Supervisor Steve Smith made a motion to approve the January meeting minutes, which was 2nd by Supervisor Arvid Jenkins. All in favor, motion carried. Chair Lyle Peterson made a motion to approve the February Meeting Minutes with one correction under Fire. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins 2nds the motion. All in favor, motion carried.




FIRE BOARD UPDATE: Princeton Fire District: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins reported it would be $11,320.00 over ten years for Spencer Brook. They went to Oregon and put earnest money down on a ladder truck, they bargained it down to $145,000.00 but bringing it back to the state and detailing it would bring it back up to $175,000.00. They did get some extra equipment along with the truck; radios, hoses and nozzles. One Township said no to the equipment fund.
Isanti Fire: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins reported he exchanged a bunch of emails about the new hire and interviews; they offered the job to the guy from Ramsey. He will be on probation for 50 days and will start at $39,000.00 but go up to $45,000.00 after that period is up. He is paramedic licensed and has passed the psych eval, health, and backround check. There were 2 runs in our Township; one medical and one mutual aid to Princeton Fire. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins concludes he is going to ask for a 3 percent increase to the fire fund for the levy at the annual meeting.
Supervisor Steve Smith asks if Supervisor Arvid Jenkins is sure about the numbers for the equipment fund. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins states they are just preliminary numbers. A lot of discussion commenced. Supervisor Steve Smith states he is fine with it if it is $11,320.00 over ten years but if it is $11,000.00 a year he wants to meet over this again.

Chair Lyle Peterson asks Supervisor Steve Smith if he will meet with the fire extinguisher guy, Supervisor Steve Smith states he will.

Chair Lyle Peterson reports he received a letter from Kurt Daudt and we are supposed to contact him with any concerns we have.

ROAD AND BRIDGE: Chair Lyle Peterson reports we have had a lot of snow and a lot of breakdowns on the trucks and is glad we hired Jon Koller. Roads are soft once it warmed up; had to deal with a lot of drifting. Chair Lyle Peterson reports don’t use the deadbolt in the old Town garage; having problems with the hand set. Chair Lyle Peterson goes over last year’s budget numbers. Supervisor Steve Smith states he asked for 1 percent last year. Chair Lyle Peterson concludes he thinks he will ask for 5 percent.

CLERK REPORT: Clerk Jennifer Jenkins reports she issued the Special Meeting Minutes with the corrections. Isanti County Zoning Darrick Warcheck is asking for a donation for a field trip. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins discusses the annual meeting agenda with the Supervisors’, and asks Treasurer Deb Nelson her input on the levy for the General fund. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins concludes they will ask for no increase in the general fund levy and the election hours are 10am-8pm with the annual meeting starting at 815pm.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Deb Nelson asks for everyone to total their numbers on their payroll sheets. Treasurer Deb Nelson reports claims and balances, and Gopher Bounty. Treasurer Deb Nelson also reports on the Blue Lake capital replacement is coming due in May, Supervisor Steve Smith suggests to renew it. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion to approve claims and accept the Treasurer’s report, which was 2nd by Supervisor Steve Smith. All in favor, motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to adjourn which was 2nd by Chair Lyle Peterson. All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:03pm.