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MONDAY November 12th, 2018

IN ATTENDANCE: Chair Lyle Peterson, Supervisor Steve Smith, Supervisor Arvid Jenkins, Treasurer Deb Nelson, Clerk Jennifer Jenkins and Deputy Clerk Lisa Lynas





AGENDA: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to accept the agenda with the correction of Wilderness Pines under new business. Chair Lyle Peterson made a 2nd. All in favor, motion carried.

MINUTES: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to table the October meeting minutes until next month, which was 2nd by Supervisor Steve Smith. All in favor, motion carried.


  1. Website for Spencer Brook Township: Clerk Jennifer Jenkins states it is live on the internet now, and she will be working to add things over winter.

NEW BUSINESS:  Michael Trunk presents Wilderness Pines plat for approval. Discussion commenced on having the Spencer Brook Township Planning Commission meet over this plat. Michael Trunk will speak with his clients and communicate with Clerk Jennifer Jenkins whether or not to call the planning commission members for the first Monday in December.

PLANNING COMMISSION: Isanti County was reviewing a conditional use permit on 297th for a green house, and stand to sell vegetables.

FIRE BOARD UPDATE: Princeton Fire District: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins reported there was one call in our Township, and they are moving forward on having Ron Lawrence as Fire Chief. They plan on appointing a part time Fire Chief as well.


Isanti Fire: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins reported there were seven calls in our Township. Bradford is keeping the current sections in Isanti Fire. They are moving forward with new applicants and voted on the budget; seven in favor, and two against.

ROAD AND BRIDGE: Supervisor Steve Smith reports at the Officer’s meeting the Historical Society gave us a framed plat map of Spencer Brook. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins states they will be bringing their newsletter back. Supervisor Steve Smith states the Tiger Street rain garden curve is done. He spent a lot of time on 297th because of mistakes made by the engineer, but the project is done, and now they are arguing about the bill. Supervisor Steve reported he did the road assessment paperwork and brought it to the County, he suggests if we get state aid money; have that money go for a ditch mower for a grader or a regular truck with a plow. The 2003 plow truck is all ready to go. The other plow truck it takes a couple guys to put the plow back on. Supervisor Steve Smith states we had to change the culvert on 297th, we did not want to disturb the ditch because of phone lines so we had to go from a 15 to a 12. Supervisor Steve Smith states he did not order the signs for 35mph because he checked and all driveways are 300ft apart. There have been a lot of complaints about the dirt roads, and he has Gary Nelson going out on Thursday to grade. Chair Lyle Peterson states he noticed beavers by the culverts on 297th, need to keep an eye on it. Chair Lyle Peterson has all the responses from the snowplow help wanted ad, he is going to make some calls.

CLERK REPORT:   Clerk Jennifer Jenkins reports she will put the snowplow policy as an ad in the Scotsman and Town and Country, because she had forgotten to do that. She gave everyone and email from the Isanti County Auditor about the general election. Clerk Jennifer Jenkins explains where she is at with her monthly hours and her salary, and how her workload has increased, and plans to keep a detailed account so the Supervisor may address the situation.

Clerk Jennifer Jenkins asks the Supervisors who is Road and Bridge because she is under the impression Chair Lyle Peterson is because Supervisor Steve Smith said he was resigning. Supervisor Steve Smith states he is leaving Road and Bridge because he physically cannot do it anymore. Chair Lyle Peterson reads Supervisor Steve Smith’s resignation letter which explains he is leaving because of medical reasons. Supervisor Steve Smith states he cannot see being here if he is not Road and Bridge. Chair Lyle Peterson points out Road and Bridge is an appointment by the Board, a Supervisor is an elected position. Supervisor Steve Smith states to Chair Lyle Peterson if he takes all Road and Bridge, I will stay on the Board. Chair Lyle Peterson states you have to decide what you are resigning from, Road and Bridge and/or Supervisor. Supervisor Steve Smith states he cannot physically do manual labor of Road and Bridge and he is afraid if he stays on he will end up doing it. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins states that is the nature of the job. Supervisor Steve states he can do the paperwork of Road and Bridge. If it makes things easier; Lyle to take Road and Bridge 100 percent and I will stay on as Supervisor until the elections in March. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion for Chair Lyle Peterson to assume responsibilities of Road and Bridge until the reorganization meeting in April, which Supervisor Steve Smith 2nds. All in favor, motion carried.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Deb Nelson reports claims and balances, and Gopher Bounty. Treasurer deb nelson also reported that she has her new laptop computer up and running with the CTAS program on it. Supervisor Arvid Jenkins makes a motion to approve claims and accept the Treasurer’s report, which was 2nd by Chair Lyle Peterson. All in favor, motion carried.


ADJOURNMENT: Supervisor Arvid Jenkins made a motion to adjourn which was 2nd by Supervisor Steve Smith. All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.